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Season ticket renewals

26th April 2024

Season ticket renewals

The Board of the Fulham Supporters’ Trust acknowledges the Club’s announcement on season ticket prices for 2024/2025. 

Season ticket prices

We are pleased to see the Club has listened to our representations urging them to limit any increases to the minimum in recognition of the cost of living crisis affecting our fans.

Today’s announcement is in stark contrast to the 18% and 10% rises seen in the previous two years, which led to understandable frustration and eventually protests from the Fulham community as many feared being priced out from supporting the club they love. 

We welcome today’s decision to listen to our concerns.

We acknowledge that some fans may have hoped for a lower increase, a sentiment we share, but we note that the proposed 4% change for adult tickets in the Hammersmith and Putney Ends and Johnny Haynes Stand is only marginally above the 3.2% rate of ONS annual CPI inflation and that Riverside prices have been frozen.

We particularly welcome the Club’s decision to freeze season ticket renewals for all junior and concession groups, including over 65s and young adults, in recognition of the loyalty of our long-standing fans and the importance of keeping football accessible to the next generations of Fulham fans. We also welcome there is no proposed change to eligibility criteria for these concessions as has been seen at other clubs.

The Board will take a little time to analyse the announcement in full and run it through our models looking at historical changes and comparing the new prices to other clubs in the Premier League. We will also seek clarity on the new 15,000 cap for season tickets.

We will look separately at prices for new season ticket holders and match tickets when they are released.

Digital tickets

We welcome the introduction of digital tickets and will press the Club to use whatever powers are necessary to use the new technology to step up its fight against illegal online resellers and touts, who abuse the ticketing system and facilitate the entry of away fans into home areas.

We are fully aware of the strength of feeling on this issue after a number of incidents during the recent Liverpool game. We are engaging with the Club to do whatever it takes to resolve this problem and are grateful to all who wrote to us in recent days about this topic.

In the meantime we would warn again that there are many websites advertising tickets for the Manchester City game that either simply do not exist or will not be allowed entry. We have only today forwarded details of such a website to the Club to investigate.

In practical terms, we will monitor closely how the technology is intended to work and ask the Club to make sure to minimise any risk of disruptions or dangerous crowding as seen at some other Premier League grounds when a similar system was first introduced.

We will also be asking the Club for additional reassurance on how they intend to safeguard the matchday experience of certain age or disability groups that could struggle with the new technology to make sure no one ever feels excluded from visiting the Cottage.

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