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Landscape shot of Jimmy Hill Statue

Jimmy Hill Day

Trust Chair, Tom Greatrex, reflects on the life and Fulham times of Jimmy Hill, former player and chairman that will forever be entwined with our club.

Squad photo Fulham FC Women 2021/22

Supporting Fulham FC Women

An update from the Trust on their plans to improve support for Fulham FC Women, aiming to support the team and its supporters' growth in the coming seasons.

Away Day Guide – Coventry City

Away Day Guide – Coventry City

On Saturday 2 October, Fulham will make our first trip to Coventry City since a League Cup tie in 1982 and our first league visit since 1967. Here's the FST Away Day Guide.

An Independent Voice For All Fulham Supporters

Players, managers, owners and staff come and go, but we, the Fulham supporters, remain through thick and thin.

We are the lifeblood of the club; without us there is no club.

Craven Cottage

We began life as the Back to the Cottage campaign and will always seek to safeguard Fulham FC’s long term future at Craven Cottage. Today our aims are significantly wider.

Structured Dialogue

We have an award winning structured dialogue with Fulham FC which allows us to represent the views of supporters on a range of issues and influence the club at the highest level.

Unique Identity

We aim to protect Fulham’s unique identity at Craven Cottage, keep football at Fulham accessible and maintain a strong connection between the club and supporters.

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I really appreciate the way in which the Trust represents the views of Fulham fans in their regular meetings with the Club. I am particularly pleased with the recent decision to have clearly designated non-standing seats for Fulham’s away matches.

We are lucky to have an organisation that acts as a mouthpiece for the fans and regularly voices our concerns with the board, even if we don't always get the response we would like! The FST helps me to be more of a part of the club I love.

The Fulham Supporters Trust is vital, as they have that direct link to the management at Fulham, so you can get your views and issues heard by those who matter most. If you care deeply about this football club, then being a member is a no-brainer.

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