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Fan Advisory Board

22nd February 2024

Fan Advisory Board

The Club have recently published their proposals for the formation of a Fan Advisory Board (FAB). There are a number of aspects which are of concern to the Trust and we have written to the Club to express our disappointment.

Apart from the very early stages of the process some months ago, there has been no dialogue or consultation with the FST. We are increasingly concerned that the Club are not taking fan engagement seriously. Fans have been repeatedly told that football is nothing without them, yet the Club seem to be continually looking for ways to avoid constructive dialogue and addressing the concerns of fans on a number of issues. Whether the formation of the FAB will help remains to be seen. We have been assured that the regular meetings between the Club and Trust will continue, although there may be a need to amend the frequency to fit in with FAB meetings.

In particular, we are disappointed in the Club’s decision to exclude external representatives from the selection process of the FAB. Whilst we understand that Fulham may well be operating within the guidelines set by the Premier League, it is disheartening to see that the majority of other Premier League clubs have chosen to include both internal and external representatives in their selection panel. We believe this approach ensures fairness and transparency in the decision-making process, something the Club are clearly keen to avoid. 

The Club has so far not answered any of the following comments and concerns which we have raised:

  • despite frequent requests over many months we are disappointed at the lack of consultation and the short period of time we have been given to consider the Terms of Reference ahead of publication
  • there is no independent selection of members of the FAB proposed, which is out of line with a number of other Premier League clubs
  • despite being raised in early discussions, there is no automatic place on the FAB for a representative of the Fulham Lillies, which given the engagement they have established with the Club in various areas is disappointing
  • there does not appear to be any provision to look for someone from the youth (say 18-25) population  
  • the latest start time for FAB meetings of 6pm, in person, will possibly rule out applications from people who would have a distance to travel.

In 2017, the Club and the Triust signed a Memorandum of Understanding which at that time was ground breaking. We now find ourselves in a position where there has been little consultation on what is an important engagement issue. The Club are also one of the last to make any progress with their FAB proposals.

The Club, sadly, appear uninterested in fan engagement unlike the more progressive clubs in the Premier League.

The relationship between the Club and the FST is arguably at an all time low. We are asking the Club to engage in constructive and meaningful dialogue to repair this fractured relationship as a matter of urgency.

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