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You’re Not Welcome Anymore.

15th December 2023

Title of report in bold text: You're Not Welcome Anymore.

A new report released today from the FST and the Fulham Lillies looks into the accessibility of football for young families and advocates for why and how to make things easier for parents of young children and babies.

We’re delighted to announce that today we release our report, published in collaboration with the Fulham Lillies, ‘You’re Not Welcome Anymore – why it’s important to help parents continue to access football with young children’.

The report explores the reasons behind why it is important to consider families and make policies inclusive for them, and help explain any barriers in safety that could be prohibitive to doing so. It talks about the real-world implications this has, including interviews that we’ve had with fans who have been impacted by the arrival of children into their lives.

This was recently the case for a Fulham fan included in the report, Anna Baddeley, who had taken her firstborn to games no problem, with her child able to snooze during the game and soak up the atmosphere when awake. However, with the arrival of her second and a change in the rules now meaning that a junior-priced ticket is required for access, the cost has become prohibitive for her attending.

We really want to work with Fulham to consider ways that we can make policies for family-friendly, and welcome any conversations around this topic as to how we can build this to help Fulham fans now in their time of need during these formative early-years of childcare, and for those wishing to start a family in the future and bring their infants with them.

You can read the report here, and follow any updates on this campaign on the Fulham Lillies social channels (Instagram | X | LinkedIn), as well as our own.

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