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Fans vs Dementia campaign

6th October 2023

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As a supporters’ trust, we are often contacted by charities for support, and it is challenging to encompass all those we receive requests from. Still, there are often times when campaign, messaging, and need align in a way that we believe our members should hear about. In this case, we want our members to know about the latest campaign from Dementia UK and learn about our club’s efforts to help those affected by the disease as part of the ‘Fulham Memories’ program.

Over 944,000 people in the UK are affected by dementia, and many families are left feeling exhausted, overwhelmed and alone. Dementia UK was started to help these families. With the support of a specialist dementia nurse – whether it’s on their Helpline, through their virtual or face-to-face clinics, or in the community – families they support know they’re not alone.

This season, Dementia UK is calling on football fans across the UK to sign up for their campaign Fans vs Dementia, inviting them to organise a football-based walk or bike ride to help ensure no one faces dementia alone. 

If members would like to take part in a walk to an away London derby this season (most likely possibilities are Chelsea or Brentford away fixtures), please get in touch with us, and we will help organise this event.

Fulham is currently running the ‘Fulham Memories’ program to help those affected by dementia, with the event also open to anyone suffering from loneliness or similar health issues. It’s become popular in the Fulham Foundation’s events calendar and is a work highlight for the Foundation’s Health Development Assistant, Katrina Webb:

I love working with all of our Fulham Memories participants, I believe I have the best job in the world. For me, my role is so rewarding; seeing participants laughing together and knowing these sessions are a highlight of their week motivates me to plan more fun and engaging games. It’s hard to verbalise how much it means to me personally to see them every week. They make me feel appreciated, but they have no idea how much their happiness means to me. Plus, I have as much fun as they do!”

Katrina Webb, Fulham Foundation’s Health Development Assistant

Dementia UK works in partnership with the Professional Footballers’ Association and offers free clinic appointments with specialist dementia nurses for all members of the PFA and their families. Dedicated Admiral Nurse Joe Costello manages this partnership for Dementia UK, himself with 19 years of experience in the mental health sector. As a keen fan, player and coach, he has worked with the football foundation at Newcastle United FC and participated in walking football projects for people diagnosed with dementia. 

Please email if you would be keen to participate in a fundraising walk or cycle, and let us know which away dates would suit you best.

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