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FSA National Supporters Survey

21st March 2023

FSA National Supporters Survey

Every few years the FSA, to which the Fulham Supporters’ Trust is affiliated, conducts a national fans survey to assess the state of the game and the views of football supporters. We encourage all Trust members to fill in the 2023 FSA National Supporters Survey here

The last of these fans’ censuses was conducted in 2017, to which more than 8,000 fans from across the football pyramid gave their opinions.

A lot has happened in the six years since the FSA last polled supporters – the introduction of VAR, the COVID-19 pandemic, the spectre of the European Super League raising its head and the subsequent fan-led review of football governance to name but a few major impacts on our game.

As such, the FSA felt it was time to take the temperature of football fans again.

Despite being a comprehensive survey covering a range of topics, it should take the average user only around ten minutes to complete.

The results of the survey will be published at the end of season.

Thank you for your continued support of the Fulham Supporters’ Trust and for helping the FSA by taking this important survey.

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