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Election results

29th November 2021

Election results

Following two weeks of voting, we can now announce the results of the 2021 Fulham Supporters’ Trust board election. We would like to thank all members who participated in this election, whether as candidates, nominators or voters.

The nominations period was open from Wednesday 27th October to Wednesday 10th November and the subsequent election took place between Saturday 13th November and Saturday 27th November, with all paid up members on 1st October eligible to participate.

Huge thanks to our Independent Scrutineer Jonny Cope who oversaw a very smooth process.

Jonny has now confirmed the election results in his Independent Scrutineer’s report and we are pleased to announce that the following Trust members have been elected to the board:

Three year terms

  • Sue Couch
  • Ian Clarke
  • Owen Smith
  • Tamara Dragadze

One year term

  • Sarah Keig

Commiserations to Steve Nicholson who was not successful on this occasion.

The 200 word statements made by all candidates are available to read here.

Three board members who stood down by rotation this year – Sue Couch, Ian Clarke and Owen Smith – have been re-elected for a further three years and will be joined by new board members Tamara Dragadze (3 year term) and Sarah Keig (1 year term). We extend a special welcome to Tamara and Sarah and also our huge thanks to Chris Gilbertson and Derek Brewer who stood down from the board this year.

The new full board of 12 will meet for the first time in December when formal board positions will be agreed.

Thank you for your continued support of the Fulham Supporters’ Trust.

Simon Duke

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