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Season tickets 2021/22

6th May 2021

Season tickets 2021/22

You’ll know from reading the notes of our recent meetings with Fulham, including the latest which are available to read here, that we have been asking for details of season ticket arrangements for next season. The Club have told us that, although they are planning for a number of scenarios, they consider that there are too many variables (division, Riverside availability, Covid restrictions) to be able to make a firm decision at this point.

One concern is the possibility that Covid restrictions continue into next season, limiting capacity to below the number of season ticket holders in 2019/20, which was the last season for which season tickets were sold.

The big question in this eventuality is how should season tickets fairly be allocated and sold?

Should this scenario occur, there would be no perfect way of allocating season tickets that would satisfy everybody. We have identified some potential options and we are interested to know if you think any of these, or something else, would be the fairest. Please could you spare just a couple of minutes to provide your feedback via this very short survey, which includes a ‘free text’ box for any comments.

We would be grateful if you could provide your thoughts before Sunday 9 May so that we can then discuss further with the Club.

Thank you.

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