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Season tickets – what you told us

10th May 2021

Season tickets – what you told us

Thank you very much to all supporters who either completed the short survey we issued last week or wrote to us to express views on how season tickets might fairly be managed next season in the event of a reduced capacity due to Covid restrictions.

We should stress that everyone still hopes that we will be back to full capacity in 2021/22, but equally we believe that it is important to understand the views of Fulham supporters should reduced numbers be mandated at any stage.

Based on your feedback, we have created our high level proposal for next season which we have today passed onto the Club for their consideration, as they requested at our last monthly meeting. As usual, we will keep closely in touch with the Club during their decision making process and lobby for a model that we believe is fair and reasonable based on the recommendations below.


The following recommendations are based on feedback received from FST members and the wider Fulham supporter community, including a survey carried out from 6-9 May 2021.


  • Availability: season tickets to be sold assuming full ground capacity available
  • Priority: order of purchase to be
    • 2019/20 season ticket holders
    • 2019/20 members
    • supporters with booking history
    • general sale
  • Deferral: 2019/20 season ticket holders to be allowed to defer for one season and retain priority in 2022/23, subject to availability
  • Prices: to be frozen at 2019/20 levels



  • Allocation: limited capacity seats to 2021/22 season ticket holders be made on one of two models, depending on ticketing system capability
    • rotation (preferred)
    • ballot
  • Pro-rata refunds: to be made available in the event that season ticket holder
    • not permitted to attend a match
    • moved to a cheaper location
  • Fairness: within reason, all season ticket holders to be able to see a similar number of matches via rotation/ballot
  • Groups: supporters to be able to nominate small groups to be balloted or rotated together
  • Season ticket exchange: to be made available


  • Availability: small percentage of tickets to continue to be made available on a ballot basis if capacity restricted

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