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Melvin Tenner – your tributes

22nd April 2021

Melvin Tenner – your tributes

We were delighted and moved by your response to our tribute to Melvin Tenner, who passed away recently. Thank you for all your thoughts and memories, which we have collected below to share with the Fulham family.

We were so very sorry to hear of Melvin’s passing. We remember well his quiet grace and determination during the Fulham 2000 years, and were it not for his efforts and the dignity and strength that he carried himself with, who knows what would have become of Fulham FC?  We’ve fond memories of the mail out envelope stuffing sessions upstairs at the Crabtree during the early says of our courtship, the work that he and Eva put in was immense. Sending love and strength to his family and friends at this sad time. With best wishes.

Lynn and Daniel Wicks

I’m sorry to hear that Melvin is no longer with us. I can not completely recognise him by face, but knew that name more than any other (Like a Ken Coton, Dennis Turner or David Lloyd). The club has come so far, since the days of fans throwing coins onto a bed sheet at the Cottage or purchasing a wooden seat from the Stevanage Road. I am forever grateful to all that you guys do. Keep up the good work. Standing on the shoulders of giants indeed.  RIP Melvin.

Luke Gale

As a younger fan I’m thankful to people who fought so tenaciously to keep the club I’ve grown up able to love in existence and at our home. The warmth with which Melvin has been remembered today speaks volumes.

Owen Smith

What a great guy, gave so much to his beloved Fulham may he rest in peace.

Brian Longhurst

I was sorry to hear of the sad passing of Melvin Tenner.

I did not know Melvin personally but, as someone born in the same year, could not fail to be aware of his presence and of the hard work he contributed to keeping the club alive.

Rest in Peace Melvin

David Elliott

Really sad news to hear that Melvin Tenner has passed away – a man of patience, humour and dogged determination who put so much into saving Craven Cottage in the dark days – when just about everybody else had given up (including the then owners) – have a lot to thank him for. RIP.

Tom Greatrex

I never had the honour of meeting you but because of you there is an FST to be a part of. Thanks for everything you did for our club. You will not be forgotten

Miriam Busani

Too many times in the lifetime of our Club we’ve had to fight for its very existence at Craven Cottage. At such times we’ve relied on brilliant supporters to lead the way and Melvin was one such person. RIP Melvin.

Ian Clarke

Didn’t know Melvin but reading Sue’s appreciation I am deeply thankful for his immense contribution to saving the club and beyond. Supporters Club, Fulham 2000 and the Trust, what a legacy contribution to our future.

Des O’Callaghan

Although I did not personally know Melvin, I was fully aware of his huge efforts during the Fulham 2000 campaign which helped result in us staying at Craven Cottage and stay in existence. My sincere condolences go to his family and friends.

Gordon Thumwood
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