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Fixtures Moving For TV

2nd December 2019

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Last Friday night’s game in Swansea was the sixth Fulham match so far this season to be re-arranged for live TV with four moving to a Friday night and two to a Saturday lunchtime. We can certainly expect further matches to be re-scheduled in the remainder of the season.

Whilst this provides welcome extra revenue for the Club and allows a wider audience to see Fulham in action, it does make life difficult for supporters making plans to travel to matches and is particularly challenging for those wishing to buy cheaper rail tickets. This is made harder by the fact that when Sky and the EFL announce matches moved for TV they often phase the announcements making it unclear whether a fixture can now be deemed safe from change.

In order to try to provide the maximum amount of information possible to help Fulham fans plan, we are launching a colour coded fixture list with our assessment of the risk of fixtures being moved for live TV. This is based on a review of the Sky and EFL guidelines together with close monitoring of available fixture slots and on-sale dates. Note that this isn’t an assessment of the likely popularity of a match.

We have classified fixtures as red, amber and green as follows

  • red – changed for TV
  • amber – still at risk of change
  • greenshould now not move

Further details and the colour coded fixture list can be found here.

You will see that the fixture list also includes indications of dates which may be affected by FA Cup matches either involving Fulham or our scheduled League opponents.

At time of writing (Monday 2nd December) our only upcoming fixture scheduled for TV is Preston away, which has not been moved. However the next announcement of Sky fixtures for the period 18th January to 1st February is due this week by 6th December. The FA Cup draw also takes place today.

We will update the colour coded fixture list frequently and announce changes via this web site and Twitter. We would encourage any supporters who have further insights into upcoming fixture movements to let us know so that we can keep everyone informed.

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