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Non-standing seats

5th December 2018

Image of the facade outside of Craven Cottage

Sunday’s game at Stamford Bridge was the first Fulham away game played with an allocated ‘non-standing seats’ area.  This initiative was proposed by the Fulham Supporters’ Trust and agreed with the club at our regular structured dialogue meetings.

The FST is delighted that the club embraced our suggestions and put them into action.   The scheme is designed to help all Fulham fans to follow Fulham away in comfort and to be able to see the Whites in action.

Several rows of seats at the front of the away section for each match are allocated as ‘non-standing seats’.  They are reserved for supporters who are unable or unwilling to stand so that nobody will be standing in front of them.

If you would like to buy tickets in the non-standing areas for future away matches please call the Fulham ticket office.  We would also ask that nobody buys tickets in this area if they feel that they may stand at any point during the match.

We do recognise that the issue of standing at away matches is emotive but are keen that all Fulham supporters respect each other and allow everyone to be able to see.

The Trust would like to hear feedback on the ‘non-standing seats’ from supporters who attended the match on Sunday.  We will discuss any feedback with the Club at our next structured dialogue meeting on 10th December and use it to modify the scheme if necessary.

If you have any other topics you would like us to raise at our meeting please let us know via  If you are not yet a member of the FST please do join us to help make our voice louder.

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