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QPR Away tickets and order of sale

3rd January 2017

Image of the facade outside of Craven Cottage

Once it became clear this morning that the tickets for the QPR game were going to be sold top tier first, followed by lower tier the FST contacted the club to find out the reason why.

The issue we could see arising is that while the loyalty system is in place many fans actually prefer the lower tier and would have to wait to buy them.

The club response is as follows:

“The club has a strict selling order which QPR have asked us to abide to when selling their tickets.

We have agreed with QPR to take both the Upper and Lower Tier, on the agreement that the Upper Tier is sold first. We can only sell into the Lower Tier once the Upper Tier has sold out.

To allow fans who buy first the best choice of seats within the Upper Tier, QPR have allowed us to open the whole Upper Tier allocation for on sale this morning, as opposed to selling block by block from corner to centre.

Those fans wanting to sit in the Lower Tier are advised this will only be available for sale if the Upper Tier sells out, a total of 1,221 tickets”

The club have also commented:

“Will ensure we update the website with sales, so fans know how far off we are potentially going into the Lower Tier”

The club have now updated the website with more information and hopefully this clarifies the situation with regards the sale of tickets for this game.

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