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Non-League Day 2016

2nd September 2016

Image of the facade outside of Craven Cottage

This year’s Non-League Day will be held on Saturday 3rd. September, 2016, offering supporters a great chance to see some live football during the international break.

The Fulham Supporters’ Trust has promoted Non-League Day enthusiastically since it inception. Now in its seventh year, it remains the leading nationwide event to support non-league football and, across the country, non-league clubs will be looking for your support on the day (and in the hope that you may wish to attend regularly).

There are more than 50 matches within the M25 boundary and a game near you may be found using:

It’s not only an opportunity for fans with a spare Saturday to get their ‘hit’ of live football and to support their local and developing teams. The vast majority of non-League clubs operate on the proverbial ‘shoe-string’ budget and through the generous and unstinting assistance of an army of volunteers and the Day offers much-merited recognition of their efforts.

Non-League Day is slightly earlier in the footballing calendar than it has been previously. Organisers hope that the earlier date with, hopefully, better weather prospects will increase the numbers through club turnstiles. In addition, this weekend of non-league fixtures includes one of the preliminary rounds of the FA Cup. 

The September date has the added bonus of not coinciding with international matches for any of the home nations, which frees up more clubs and fans in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales to also take part if they wish.

This year Non-League Day will be crowd-funding money for Prostate Cancer UK – its official partner charity – and has set a fundraising target of £10,000. 

Clubs across the country will no doubt have some great deals available, regularly offering discounts for season ticket holders from Premier League and Football League clubs, so please ensure that you investigate fixtures in your area?

There is an extensive programme of Football League fixures in Leagues One and Two.

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