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Statement regarding Fulham Football Club’s Transfer Embargo

24th December 2015

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The Fulham Supporters Trust (“FST”) are disappointed with today’s announcement that Fulham Football Club (“the Club”) are to be subject to a transfer embargo during the upcoming January transfer window. 

FST holds monthly meetings with the Club’s CEO Alistair Mackintosh.  The subject of Financial Fair Play (“FFP”) has been consistently raised by FST during these meetings.  FST was informed by the Club of the impending transfer embargo at our monthly meeting on 1st December 2015.  Prior to this FST had been assured on a number of occasions that the Club had been working within FFP guidelines  and so this news is both surprising and doubly disappointing. 

FST strongly supports the Football League in implementing and maintaining of the standards and principles set out under FFP regulations and hope that there will continue to be no clubs who feel themselves exempt from FFP, including our own.  It is our hope that the Football League ensure any and all clubs who have breached FFP are treated equally in receiving punishments in accordance with the levels of their offence. 

As fans we would like to know how this was allowed to happen and will be pressing the Club for answers. 

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