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Praise For Fulham’s Matchday Experience For Disabled Fans

21st February 2013

Image of the facade outside of Craven Cottage

Level Playing Field (LPF) may be more familiar to fans of Fulham as The National Association of Disabled Supporters (NADS), established in 1998. In March 2011, it changed its name to Level Playing Field in order to better embrace the social model ofdisability and its works and projects.

Over the years, Fulham FC has a very good track record in ensuring that its disabled supporters and visitors have as much access as reasonably possible to all goods, services and facilities provided or offered to the public by the Club. These efforts have been recognised by LPF, who issued the following statement this week:

Craven Cottage is one of the oldest stadiums in English football, and includes two Grade II listed buildings. Despite this, the club have recently had an LPF Access Audit carried out and have identified areas of improvement.

The club have been able to make inventive modifications to improve accessibility and provide a better service for disabled supporters. The club have released a short video that demonstrates the facilities and services available to disabled supporters at Craven Cottage. The four minute clip details how two fans in particular arrive at and get around the stadium, and can be viewed here.

We feel that this is a great example that improving accessibility at stadiums does not have to be a long and costly exercise, and that even the oldest stadiums can easily be modified. The club has reacted positively to the LPF Access Audit that was carried outand has started to take positive steps towards making Craven Cottage more accessible and providing an inclusive matchday experience for all supporters.

Well done Fulham!

The Fulham Supporters’ Trust recognises the considerable endeavours of the Club in providing access to and assistance within Craven Cottage and looks forward to further development of facilities for less able-bodied fans within the reconstructed Riverside Stand when complete.

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