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Re-developing Craven Cottage: Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

17th November 2011

Image of the facade outside of Craven Cottage

Since last month, there has been some progress with Fulham Football Club’s plans to redevelop Craven Cottage. According to a statement published on the Club’s website on November 16th., Fulham submitted an EIA to Hammersmith & Fulham Council regarding their proposals. It is important to note that this is not a planning application, but a minor part of the planning process designed to assess the impact of any future proposal.

The environmental impact assessment included a description of the project, in this case a discussion of the measures that would need to be taken to redevelop the Riverside Stand, any alternative approaches that were considered, a description of the current environment, consideration of any impact on the environment and its possible off-setting, a section advising on any weakness in knowledge and a summary of the proposals.

To this end, the Club included some drawings and technical sketches outlining the current environment behind the Riverside Stand and along the Thames. The sketches showing the height of a redeveloped Riverside Stand were not indicative of its final appearance, but merely provided an understanding of the environmental impact. Detailed proposals will emerge in due course as the planning application takes shape. Fulham have indicated that they will hold consultations with their supporters and the local community in December and they hope to submit a planning application next year. The proposals involve the redevelopment and expansion of the current Riverside Stand to increase the overall capacity of the Craven Cottage football ground by approximately 4,000 seats. The scheme also includes new food and drink and service facilities for supporters and corporate hospitality space and up to six residential apartments.

In order to reduce any encroachment into the River Thames, the plan also highlighted the proposed over-hang of the two-tier stand over the river with the creation of a new riverside walkway. To assist in the delivery of materials required to construct the new stand, an area has been identified for the creation of a temporary jetty, required for the duration of the construction works only and to facilitate deliveries by water.

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