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The O’s: judicial review granted over the award of the Olympic Stadium

2nd September 2011

Image of the facade outside of Craven Cottage

On our website and in the June newsletter, the Trust has supported the objections of Leyton Orient FC’s fans to the award of the Olympic Stadium to West Ham United FC. The Leyton Orient Fans’ Trust’s stated position has always been that neither Tottenham Hotspur FC nor West Ham should be allowed to move so close to another League club without the possible effect on Leyton Orient being considered, and that the Olympic Stadium should be what it was always intended to be after the Games; an athletics stadium with other sports (non-football) use. That position hasn’t changed, and it is one shared by both the O’s Supporters Club and the club itself.

Whilst Spurs’ case is self-serving, linked directly to the pressuring of Haringey council into further concessions for their proposed development in the borough, the 130-year existence of the O’s in their local community is under threat. In granting a judicial review, the judge decided that the legality of the £40 million loan of tax-payers’ money by Newham council to support West Ham’s bid was questionable. Proceedings will begin on October 18th., 2011. Leyton Orient’s statement regarding the judgement can be read on:,,10439~2430909,00.html

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