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Statement from the Trust

10th July 2010

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In view of recent discussions about the Fulham Supporters’ Trust, we would like to draw attention to the proposed new objectives on which we are consulting our membership and others. These are:

  • To secure the long-term future of Fulham Football Club at Craven Cottage
  • To promote the history and heritage of Fulham Football Club and Craven Cottage
  • To identify the issues affecting and interesting Fulham fans and the Trust membership and, if appropriate, run campaigns and ask questions of the relevant individuals and ask questions of the relevant individuals and organisations
  • To establish the Fulham Supporters’ Trust as the progressive and independent home of Fulham fans
  • To boost our membership figures and develop an effective communication strategy with our membership via email, newsletters and the internet
  • To publicise the Trust through the local and national media
  • To continue to forge strong links with Fulham Football Club, the local authority and local decision makers, political figures and national supporters’ bodies (such as Supporters’ Direct and the Football Supporters’ Federation) and take part in the appropriate campaigns for organisation.

We recognise that the Trust needs to be independent, accountable and communicative. As a committee we passionately believe in the strength, importance, and potential of Supporters Trusts, and of national organisations like Supporters’ Direct and the Football Supporters’ Federation. We accept that the Trust can only operate credibly if it is working to an agenda set by its membership. As such we’re very keen to point out what has already been going on in this regard, and what is planned for the immediate future.

Over the last few months, the committee has been working hard on a significant renewal of the Trust’s operating structure and the way we communicate with its members and the Fulham support.

We wish to develop an updated set of objectives and activities for the Trust. These will be developed through a full consultation with the members and with the support as a whole, and will form the basis of all of the Trust’s work.

Our website will continue to be used as a means of communication to publicise to Fulham fans the work that the Trust remains involved in, including representing and advising fans in their grievances over issues such as stewarding, and of the work we continue to do in defining our Trust’s objectives and what we are doing in support of them.

This consultation exercise will be in two stages: (i) publication on our web-site of a proposed set of draft objectives, with an initial invitation for comments and feedback and (ii) launch of a full consultation exercise with Trust members and the support base as a whole, which will be followed by an open presentation of the consultation results and final Trust objectives.

We are keen to ensure that the Trust can develop as an independent and democratic voice for all Fulham fans and would encourage existing members and non-members to contribute. There is a ‘Contact Us’ section on the website, which you can find at

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