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Colour Coded Fixture List 2023/24

Welcome to the Fulham Supporters’ Trust Colour Coded Fixture List which tries to help Fulham fans decide when it is safe to buy tickets or travel for matches without the risk of them changing.

For a detailed explanation of how this works, keep reading. Otherwise you can jump straight to the fixture list using the button below. If viewing on a phone or tablet, landscape orientation is best.

What causes fixture changes?

Each season supporters are presented with an ever more complex fixture list which seems to change at short notice, throwing the best laid plans awry. What causes all these changes?

Selection for domestic broadcast

The current domestic broadcast deals for the Premier League give three different companies the rights to broadcast fixtures. With the 3pm Saturday kick of time protected, this means that sometimes as many as six of the ten games each weekend can be moved to accommodate broadcast. Sky and TNT (formerly BT Sport) are responsible for the majority of the moves each week, whilst Amazon Prime will show every game live in two full mid-week rounds (weeks of 5th and 26th December).

The following table lists the typical weekend slots used by the broadcasters to show both Premier League and EFL games as well as matches from the Scottish Premiership. This is useful to know when a broadcast announcement has been made but slots are still available and therefore at risk of being filled later. The slots usually filled by Premier League games are highlighted in bold.

SkyTNT (formerly BT)
Friday 20:00

Saturday 12:30
Saturday 17:30

Sunday 12:00
Sunday 14:00
Sunday 16:30

Monday 20:00

Saturday 12:30

Saturday 20:00

It has often been difficult to determine when the announcement of fixture moves will take place, although last season the Premier League published a calendar of announcement dates which it didn’t always meet. This season they have dispensed with this calendar, but offered the following “commitment“:

The Premier League has committed to giving supporters a minimum of six weeks’ notice (from the first match in the relevant month) on broadcast selections until December 2023, and five weeks’ from January 2024 until Match Round 37.

Premier League

In theory this might give us up to nine weeks’ notice for pre-Christmas fixtures falling at the end of a calendar month, but we’ll reserve judgement as to how well this commitment is met.

Domestic cup clashes

As clubs make progress in the League Cup and FA Cup, some scheduled dates for the later rounds clash with the Premier League fixture list. This happened to Fulham last season when our FA Cup quarter final at Old Trafford caused our league game at Liverpool to be re-scheduled and means that we have to track not just our own cup progress but that of our league competititors too. This season, the possible clashes are

  • 24 Feb – Man Utd (away) / Carabao Cup Final
  • 16 Mar – Spurs (home) / FA Cup 6th round
  • 20 Apr – Liverpool (home) / FA Cup semi final

European competition clashes

Although Fulham didn’t qualify for European competition, eight Premier League teams did and the scheduling of these fixtures often has an impact on the following (and occasionally preceding) league games. This is particularly the case with teams competing in the Europa League and Europa Conference League who generally play on Thursdays; any Premier League fixtures following a Thursday European game will be moved at least to the Sunday even without TV broadcast to allow for recovery time. Similarly teams who play away in the Champions League on a Wednesday can’t have their following league game moved to a Friday or early Saturday slot by the TV companies, which means that any domestic broadcast will be on Sunday or Monday.

A quick glance at the fixture list shows that before Christmas we have four away games that follow our opponents midweek European games and, as three of these games are Europa League or Europa Conference League games, our matches will almost certainly move to the Sunday, or possibly even Monday. These are

  • 28 Oct – Brighton (away) follows Europa League game
  • 11 Nov – Aston Villa (away) follows Europa Conference League game
  • 2 Dec – Liverpool (away) follows Europa League game
  • 16 Dec – Newcastle (away) follows Champions League game

Beyond Christmas much depends on qualification from the European group stages, but there are a further seven games which could be impacted in a similar way which we need to keep an eye on.

The final complexity surrounding European fixtures occurs when the scheduling of a Champions League game by UEFA, often on a Tuesday, causes a domestic broadcaster to have to relinquish an earlier Sunday or Monday slot for that team or even delay match selection. Situations have occurred in the past where this caused knock-ons to the games the domestic broadcaster had already chosen and consequent unexpected late notice unexpected fixture moves. These conditional picks are just about the hardest moves to track and predict as they can mean games not involving any teams competing in Europe are moved to accommodate the revised broadcast schedule.

The FSA has this handy explainer on conditional picks, which are becoming more and more common.

Recovery between matches over Christmas

Although there are only three matches scheduled between 23 and 30 December this season, the Premier League now stipulates a minimum recovery period for teams of 48 hours between matches. This means a fixture can be re-scheduled as a knock-on effect of a earlier move even if it hasn’t itself been selected for broadcast. An example of this last season was our game at Leicester, which was pushed back 24 hours as Leicester’s previous game had been moved for TV.

Winter break

Throughout the season there are four breaks to accomodate the international schedule. These are all marked on the fixture list as International Break and, in practice, provide a free weekend in the calendar.

A fifth break this season is the Winter Break in January which is slightly more complex. It is shown in the fixture list on Saturday January 20th, but nearer the time half of the fixtures currently scheduled for Saturday January 13th will be re-allocated to 20th. This means half of the Premier League teams will break on the weekend of 13th and half on 20th, allowing the TV companies to keep on broadcasting. We won’t know which weekend our game against Chelsea (away) will be allocated to until some time in October.

How to read the colour coded fixture list

To the best of our ability we will monitor all of the move risks listed above, mark them in the Colour Coded Fixture List and classify each game as either green (no longer likely to change), amber (could still change) or red (has changed). The specific colours have been selected to support use by colour blind readers, but symbols on the left of the table also indicate this status.

Other key points in the calendar, such as breaks and cup dates, are shown for information and the fixture list also indicates the obvious clashes and shows the expected dates of broadcast announcements, albeit these can often be quite fluid.

This definitely isn’t an exact science, and relies heavily on assessing limited information from the Premier League and the domestic broadcasters, coupled with a detailed look at how TV slots have been filled with games from various leagues. We also have to keep an eye on activities at the other teams in the borough. We’ll keep updating as the season progresses.


Fixture has changed

Fixture could still change

Fixture no longer likely to change

Calendar information

The last update took place on Wednesday 10 April 2024.

If viewing on a phone or tablet, landscape orientation is best.

Upcoming fixtures

Opponent Scheduled Moved Info and risk factors Domestic TV

Completed fixtures

Opponent Scheduled Moved Info and risk factors Domestic TV
Everton Away
Sat 12 Aug 15:00
  Away Day Guide Not on TV
Brentford Home
Sat 19 Aug 15:00
  Not on TV
Arsenal Away
Sat 26 Aug 15:00
  ⚠ Beware train strike ⚠ Away Day Guide Not on TV
Spurs (CC2) Home
Tue 29 Aug 19:45
  Not on TV
Man City Away
Sat 2 Sep 15:00
  ⚠ Beware train strike ⚠ Away Day Guide Not on TV
Sat 9 Sep
  Mon 4 Sep - Tue 12 Sep  
Luton Home
Sat 16 Sep 15:00
  Not on TV
Crystal Palace Away
Sat 23 Sep 15:00
  Not on TV
Norwich (CC3) Home
Wed 27 Sep 19:45
  Not on TV
Chelsea Home
Sat 30 Sep 15:00
Mon 2 Oct 20:00 Moved for TV Sky Sports
Sheffield Utd Home
Sat 7 Oct 15:00
  Not on TV
Sat 14 Oct
  Mon 9 Oct - Tue 17 Oct  
Spurs Away
Sat 21 Oct 15:00
Mon 23 Oct 20:00 Moved for TV Sky Sports
Brighton Away
Sat 28 Oct 15:00
Sun 29 Oct 14:00 Moved due to prior UEFA game Not on TV
Ipswich (CC4) Away
Wed 1 Nov 19:45
  Not on TV
Man Utd Home
Sat 4 Nov 15:00
Sat 4 Nov 12:45 Moved for TV TNT Sports
Aston Villa Away
Sat 11 Nov 15:00
Sun 12 Nov 14:00 Moved due to prior UEFA game Not on TV
Sat 18 Nov
  Mon 13 Nov - Tue 21 Nov  
Wolves Home
Sat 25 Nov 15:00
Mon 27 Nov 20:00 Moved for TV Sky Sports
Liverpool Away
Sat 2 Dec 15:00
Sun 3 Dec 14:00 Moved due to prior UEFA game Not on TV
Nottingham F Home
Tue 5 Dec 19:45
Wed 6 Dec 19:30 Moved for TV Amazon Prime
West Ham Home
Sat 9 Dec 15:00
Sun 10 Dec 14:00 Knock on from Amazon rearrangements Not on TV
Newcastle Away
Sat 16 Dec 15:00
  Not on TV
Everton (CC5) Away
Tue 19 Dec 19:45
  Not on TV
Burnley Home
Sat 23 Dec 15:00
  Not on TV
Bournemouth Away
Tue 26 Dec 15:00
  On TV but not moved Amazon Prime
Arsenal Home
Sat 30 Dec 15:00
Sun 31 Dec 14:00 Moved for TV Sky Sports
Rotherham (FAC3) Home
Sat 6 Jan 15:00
Fri 5 Jan 19:30 Moved due to multiple local games Not on TV
Liverpool (CCSF) Away
Wed 10 Jan 20:00
  Sky Sports
Chelsea Away
Sat 13 Jan 15:00
Sat 13 Jan 12:30 Moved for TV TNT Sports
Sat 20 Jan
  No match  
Liverpool (CCSF) Home
Wed 24 Jan 20:00
  Sky Sports
Newcastle (FAC4) Home
Sat 27 Jan 15:00
Sat 27 Jan 19:00 Moved for TV ITV
Everton Home
Tue 30 Jan 19:45
  Not on TV
Burnley Away
Sat 3 Feb 15:00
  Not on TV
Bournemouth Home
Sat 10 Feb 15:00
  Not on TV
Aston Villa Home
Sat 17 Feb 15:00
  Not on TV
Man Utd Away
Sat 24 Feb 15:00
  Not on TV
Brighton Home
Sat 2 Mar 15:00
  Not on TV
Wolves Away
Sat 9 Mar 15:00
  Not on TV
Spurs Home
Sat 16 Mar 15:00
Sat 16 Mar 17:30 Moved for TV Sky Sports
Sat 23 Mar
  Mon 18 Mar - Tue 26 Mar  
Sheffield Utd Away
Sat 30 Mar 15:00
  Not on TV
Nottingham F Away
Tue 2 Apr 19:45
Tue 2 Apr 19:30 Note earlier kick off time TNT Sports
Newcastle Home
Sat 6 Apr 15:00
  Not on TV
West Ham Away
Sat 13 Apr 15:00
Sun 14 Apr 14:00 Moved due to Europa League on Thursday Not on TV
Liverpool Home
Sat 20 Apr 15:00
Sun 21 Apr 16:30 Moved for TV Sky Sports
Crystal Palace Home
Sat 27 Apr 15:00
  Not on TV
Brentford Away
Sat 4 May 15:00
  Not on TV
Man City Home
Sat 11 May 15:00
Sat 11 May 12:30 Moved for TV TNT Sports
Luton Away
Sun 19 May 16:00
  Final game
Date will not change
Not on TV
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