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Independent Scrutineer’s Report

2019 Elections to the Board

Simon Duke, the Independent Scrutineer for the 2019 elections to the board of the Fulham Supporters’ Trust, has provided the following report.

Fulham Supporters’ Trust (FST)
2019 Board Elections
Independent Scrutineer’s Report

This is the Independent Scrutineer’s Report on the 2019 Election Process. I can confirm that whilst I am a member of the FST I do not currently act in any official capacity and I am not proposing or seconding any nominee. This makes me eligible to act as Independent Scrutineer under section 4 of the Elections Rules and Procedures.

Nominees were asked to email their applications to the Election 2019 email inbox. I have now looked at all of the emails in the Election 2019 email inbox. I have not been advised of and I am not aware of any nominations having been made by any other means and in any event this would be contrary to the published instructions for nominations.

There are 12 valid nominations which can be summarised as follows:-

31/8/19Dan CrawfordGary McLoughlinGavin Rome
3/9/19Sue CouchJerry CopeIan Clarke
3/9/19Jerry CopeJonathan CopeSue Couch
5/9/19Owen SmithGerry PimmMike Gregg
9/9/19Gerry PimmDave O’FarrellSteve O’Connor
11/9/19Ian ClarkeTom GreatrexPeter Hyams
11/9/19Maureen GrimwoodLes O’GormanAnn Rawlinson
12/9/19Michael GreggGerry PimmOwen Smith
12/9/19Farrell MonkArchie Rhind-TuttDrew Heatley
12/9/19Chris GilbertsonBarry GilbertsonAl Maher
13/9/19Tom GreatrexGerry PimmIan Clarke
14/9/19Hayley DavinsonPeter DavinsonRobert Partridge

With 12 valid nominations received there is no need for a ballot.

All of the nominations have been made within the required timescale. I would point out that in almost all cases the Proposer/Seconder details have been provided by the Nominee and there is no independent verification that the Proposer/Seconder have provided their support.

The Membership Secretary (Sue Couch) has confirmed in an email dated 17 September 2019 that all Nominees, Proposers and Seconders were members of the FST as at 1 June 2019.

As Independent Scrutineer I confirm my satisfaction that the 2019 process for election of Board Members for the FST has been properly conducted under the Elections Rules and Procedures.

Simon Duke
18 September 2019 

The Independent Scrutineer’s report can also be downloaded here.

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